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Premium Care

For those who have clothes which require a little extra tender loving care, PREMIUMCARE provides special handling from start to finish. PremiumCare starts with a complete inspection of your garment for stains and repairs as well as an evaluation of the best cleaning method. Your garment continues through a separate cleaning process then to a hand­-finishing station, and ends with its final of 6 inspections before getting packaged as it would if you were to bring it back from the store new. 


Basic Care

Everyday dry cleaning items are best for Basic Care.


Eco Care (Green Cleaning)

Non-dry cleaning/alternative method for clothing care. New state-of-the-art technology allows Fabricare to clean your clothes with biodegradable detergents. Fabricare does more than just provide alternative solvents choices, it is leading the dry cleaning industry by eliminating plastic altogether and offering  Eco Bags (Green).



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