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Fur, Leather and suede are beautiful yet expensive products, so proper care is essential to maintain them. We therefore recommend annual leather cleaning or whenever a stain occurs. At Golden Bridge Cleaners, we make sure to extend the enjoyment of your leather and fur garments with our gentle and effective cleaning methods. Brushing and finishing techniques eliminate wear and re-texturize the skins and hairs back to their original condition.
Inspect your leather ,suede and fur garments before the first wear of the season. Look for stains, heavy soiling, and repairs that may be needed. Repair open seams, torn linings, and loose buttons now; these are all small problems that can be fixed inexpensively but can become expensive repairs if ignored. If your leather or suede garment is stained or has heavy soiling, have it cleaned otherwise stains will become permanent. Cleaning adds conditions which will keep the leather soft and supple.


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